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Round-Up for Renewables® Program Authorization Form

What is the Round-Up For Renewables Program?
Round-Up For Renewables is a voluntary program for cooperative members who wish to donate specific dollar amounts each month to Consumers Energy’s Renewable Energy Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide a means for cooperative members to support renewable energy projects in Consumers Energy’s service territory.
Who should support the Round-Up For Renewables Program?
Everyone who is committed to support renewable energy - whether it is wind generation, a biomass digester, or solar energy.
How does the Round-Up For Renewables Program work?
Participants in the Round-Up For Renewables Program can choose to have their electric bills rounded up to the next highest dollar or by a specified dollar amount. These donations will then be added to Consumers Energy’s Renewable Energy Fund for an annual distribution to cooperative members who construct renewable energy projects during that calendar year. A member’s contribution becomes effective the billing cycle following the cooperative’s receipt of the Authorization Form.

To participate in this program, fill out the form below.

Contact Consumers Energy to learn more about supporting renewable energy.
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Authorization Form for Round-Up For Renewables Program
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